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Předtáborový sraz Čichořice 1.6.-3.6.2012

 Foto: Filip Blažek



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https://fairy-lights-bedroom.tumblr.com/ - tumblr bedroom fairy lightsare an extremely popular decoration at Xmas, from colourful lights put around the tree to icicle-like blue lights suspending from window ledges and roof edges. Everyone loves them, and they are relatively cheap to run, especially the newer LED lights, so here are some great ideas about how you can also enjoy fairy lights all year round, not only at Christmas.

Create a Dazzling Flower Display

You can develop a stunning visual show using silk or real flowers laced with beautiful fairy lights. Find an unusually shaped branch or two and pop them in an eye getting vase. Then wrap around some colourful lights and inform you on these topics with a multitude of fake flowers. Choose battery lighting if at all possible with the battery case hidden inside the vase, which will look much better than possessing a cable trailing from the vase to the wall. For an elegant display, you could try white flowers with clear or pale blue fairy lamps, or for something entirely more eye-catching decide on a aerosol of multicoloured blooms with equally colourful fairy lights.

These types of are just some of the countless things that can be done with fairy lights. From red lights to set a romantic mood at Valentines to sparkling white lights at Christmas, they may be simply perfect for any occasion and purpose. When you want to enhance the ceiling net illumination is ideal and incredibly quick and easy to install, creating the effect of a starry night sky right above your head. Regarding outdoors events when people not be a energy socket handy, or if you simply want to minimise the number of cables on show, electric battery lighting allows you to bring the magic of these twinkling lights to any celebration, in any location, at any time.

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